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Catch The Big Fish

All the luese in our sets are heavy and big baits,so you can use long shot and they’re suitable for different fishing environment as well. With sharp hooks, when fish once bite, it could not run away.
Choosing the right bait for your rod is important, fishing is not easy therefore you have to use the best bait available!

Specifications For All Sets:

Bait Shape: Bionic Bait/Artificial Bait
Eye: 3D stereoscopic eyes, more realistic and vivid.
Size: Each one is shown clearly in the pictures


1. Strong and sharp, like the real fish.
2. Not easy to be broken, can withstand heavy fish.
3. Anti-corrosion, durable and practical characters.
4. Easy to fish by barb hook.
5. The quality is very good, it experienced precision processing.

Package Included:

Pack of 32 or 38 or 39 or 43 or 48 pieces Mixed Color and Size Fishing Lures Kits for New Fisher!

Warm Remind:

When using this lure, please be sure to check the the safety of your surroundings.
Please out of reach of children.
The hooks are extremely sharp. Please handle with care.
The shape and color of fishing lures maybe different or same, we sent them randomly.
7 different baits:Popper 6pcs,Minnow 6+6+7+6pcs(4 different styles),VIB 6+6pcs(2 different styles).
Hard lures life-like swimming action in the water, more attractive,3D stereoscopic eyes, more realistic and vivid.
All Set are made with premium high quality plastic. This makes the lure soft, flexible with highresolution body detail, life-like swimming actions in water, and a hidden hook
Great for Bass, Perch, Panfish,Perch,Trout,even pike and salmon!This kit is best gift for your friends and families
Colors will be sent by random, but not to impact the quality and quantity

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